This brass seal, about 2 inches in
diameter, was found in a Dalton home
in 2016.  The owners have no idea
where it came from, who it might have
belonged to, or how long it has been
there (probably decades).

The Dalton Historical Society is not
aware of any such organization in this
town.  Can anyone shed some light on

Internet research shows "I.O.F., L.B.C"
stands for "Independent Order of
Foresters, Lodge Brothers of
Canada".  The I.O.F. is a fraternal
organization  based in Toronto,
Canada, now operating under
Foresters Financial.  

According to Wikapedia, the
organization assists communities in
need through investment in national
and community partnerships, branch
funding and scholarships. They are
still active in the U.S., Canada and
United Kingdom.