DALTON HISTORICAL SOCIETY                               Dalton, New Hampshire
Connecticut River
View of the Simonds Farm, looking north over the Connecticut River.
Above - Blasting a log jam at
the covered railroad bridge,
Dalton, possibly April of 1890.
View of covered railroad bridge
from the ferry.  Dalton's hills
are in the background.
The steel truss bridge above,
replaced the covered railroad
bridge in 1928.  These photos
show the flood in 1936.
1936 Flood at
the dam by the
Gilman Paper
Company mill.
The Dalton Ferry was established by first
settler Moses Blake in 1792.  It was
discontinued when the bridge between
Dalton and Gilman, Vermont was built in
1928.  The ferry was the only means to cross
the river in town unless one decided to
cross the ice in wintertime.