DALTON HISTORICAL SOCIETY                   Dalton, New Hampshire
Dalton Town Hall, 1930
Just to the left of the Hall, under the carriage shed, is the Town's snow roller.
Dalton Town Hall, later in the 1930's
There is now a porch on the front of the building.  It appears the bulkhead door is
open, and likely the basement was being excavated prior to putting an addition at
the rear of the building.  At this time, the Hall was being used as a school.  There
is an outhouse attached at the back.
Dalton Town Hall, 2006
At this time, the basement level housed the Town Clerk and Tax Collector's
office.  The Public Library was still on the main floor in the back, and the Police
Department office was at the front, left.  In 2008, all of the public offices and
Library were moved across the road to the former Elementary School building.  
The Friends of the Dalton Town Hall was formed in 2009, and hold fundraisers to
support the utilities and maintenance of the building.

Interior painting and floors
were finished in 2013.

Getting ready for a Ham &
Bean Dinner in 2016.