DALTON HISTORICAL SOCIETY                      Dalton, New Hampshire
An undated pair of photos, courtesy
of Littleton Area Historical Society
shows numerous people viewing the
dam during high water.  The building
at left is showing serious damage to
the underpinnings, and the structure
looks twisted. We believe these
photos were taken around the date
of May 3, 1899.

In an article in September 1899,
much of the dam had been rebuilt
after the spring flooding.  Plans were
in the works to rebuild the pulp mill,
as well as a paper mill on the
Vermont side of the river.
The Dalton Power Company started
building the dam across the
Connecticut River between Dalton,
New Hampshire and South Lunenburg
(now Gilman), Vermont, in the fall of
1898. A crew of about 50 men
finished the dam and also built a pulp
mill on the Vermont side of the river
within a few months.

According to a local newspaper dated
May 3, 1899, high water carried away
part of the dam and mill in Dalton,
and people from North Littleton came
to see it.  
Enlargements, left &
right, of people viewing
the high water at the
The Dalton Historical Society made this digital panoramic photo of the two originals
loaned to us by the Littleton Area Historical Society.